Card Napoli Pass

Naples to the tourist is an increasingly lively city, bustling and folk.
Not only art and not just history; the city is striking for the liveliness and spirit of humor of its inhabitants, for its ability to dramatize everyday life, for the taste of coffee and pastries grown, for the smells and colors of the alleys, its stunning landscapes.
The crib, the pizza, the saints and the lottery of the lot: all this is mixed daily with the difficulty of pulling a living, with the swarm of street urchins taken from their classroom and with the multifarious activities of the many “not used” by thousand trades that brighten the life and the streets of the popular districts.
In Naples, the misery has to deal every day with the nobility and gentry are sometimes built on the misery.
We invite you to discover this city through our eyes; through Neapolitan eyes …:
– Baroque Itinerary
– Medieval Route
– Greek-Roman Route
– The ways of taste
– Shopping streets
– The ways of the sea
– The streets of folklore
Miseria e Nobiltà  makes available to its guests the convention circuit at which you can purchase on favorable terms.
Through the performance of “Napoli Pass'”, you can enjoy a privileged treatment from:
– Guarded parking spaces
– Restaurants and pizzerias
– Shops
– Spas
– Libraries
– Travel Agents
– Food and wine